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Oct. 7th. News Letter

HOG Chapter #0104 Yuma, Arizona

Tues. Oct. 15th. Oct. 15th. Dine and Donate at Texas Road House.  Bring flyer to get the donation. Fri. Oct. 25th. Oct. 25th. is "Bike Night" at Bobby’s H-D (Details soon) Sat. Oct. 26th. Oct. 26th. is our "Save the Boobies Run Save the boobies TV raffle tickets are available  at the H-D Shop for purchase or to help sell. Come get sum…

Yuma HOG Officers for 2020 Officer Nominations were completed at our last meeting. HOG members voted for  all officers to stay the same next year except for two.

Safety officer will be Rob Richardson. Rob will completing this year and next year.  We would like to thank Alan Ienn for all his help with the chapter  as Safety Officer, with all his riding knowledge and leadership.  Good luck, we will truly miss you.

Photographer will be Fay Bryan.

A big thank you to Steve Ronayne for all his help with the chapter as our Photographer, Mr. Steve had to step down for personal reasons.

H-D 365 RideSee the H-D shop and get your mileage in. Get the H-D app. for all the new Ride 365 challenges. Great way to ride and your HOG Card is added to the app. "MARK YOUR CALENDARS Director: Reynold W Jerome III Yuma Az. HOG Chapter 0104 "Hogs Ride More Miles”

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