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From the Activities Officer

Updated: Dec 19, 2018

*This Wednesday December 19th.*

December 19th. is the day we're scheduled to present “Christmas to our sponsored family.”

Meet at Bobby’s H-D at 5:30 pm to head over to their home.

KSU at 6:00pm.

So far we have:

A make up kit.

Bead and necklace kit.

One outfit for the 9 year old.

Crayons and coloring books.

A art kit.

3 throw blankets.

Let us know what you buy to keep the list going... *Thursday January 3, 2019:* Jan. 3rd. is our HOG Monthly Business Meeting at Bobby’s H-D. 6:00pm...

*Saturday January 5, 2019:* Jan. 5th. is “Dia De Los Reyes Run." Meet at Bobby’s H-D for sign ups 9:00am. We will leave as a group, KSU at 9:30am…

*Saturday January 12, 2018:* January 12th. is our practice session with our safety officer. 10:00am. till noon at Bobby’s H-D. Ride to lunch afterwards. See you there.

*Saturday January 19, 2019* On Jan. 19th. we have "7 HOG Chapters coming to town" for the weekend. Lets get together and welcome our brothers and Sisters. ( More info later )

"Saturday January 26, 2019:" Jan. 26th is our LOH Ride. (ALL HOG MEMBERS) we are going to the "Fire Group Run”, in Imperial Valley. Nice ride around the Salton Sea. ( More info later )

*Saturday February 9, 2019:* Feb. 9th LOH Ride. (ALL HOG MEMBERS) We will be going to "Old Tucson”. ( More info later )

Hope everyone has a "Merry Christmas" & "Happy New Year"

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