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12/9/19 News Letter

HOG Chapter #0104 Yuma, Arizona This Fri. 12/13/19: We are going do the meat trimming  at Cowboy Mike and Staceys house  at 6:30pm. "1409 W. 14th. St.” Come on by if you want to help... Don't forget about our adopted family. 

So far we have: 

4 Pillows. 2 art sets.  Makeup kit / case.  2 board games. Kitchen play set.  2 barbies. Giant lego set. 

3 lego sets total A Diary. 

An outfit for all 5 kids And possibly a craft set... 

Please feel free to purchase what you like.

Let us know what you purchase at so we don't duplicate anything. 

This Sat. 12/14/19:

Our Christmas Run... Mon. 12/16/19: We are going to drop off the Dollhouse’s. Meet at Bobby’s H-D,  KSU 6:00pm. Next Wed. 12/18/19: We need as many bikes as possible.  We are going to deliver Christmas to our Adopted family. KSU 6:00pm from Bobby’s H-D. Next Fri. 12/20/19: Ugly Sweater "BIKE NIGHT" at Bobby’s H-D. 6:00-8:00pm. Ugliest Sweater Contest !! Rolled Tacos Served up by YUMA HOGS !! Drinks provided by COCA-COLA OF YUMA !! Come on down, see old friends make new friends.  Show off your bike. A good time for all… H-D 365 side

See the H-D shop and get your mileage in.  Director: Reynold W Jerome Ill Yuma Az. HOG Chapter 0104 "Hogs Ride More Miles”

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