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1/6/20 News Letter

HOG Chapter #0104 Yuma, Arizona Annual Loco Yuma Chapter #0104 membership renewals are due. $15.00  *Don’t forget Membership Renewals are due in January* TOMORROW !!!

There's a takeover at Texas Roadhouse (1/7/20 this Tuesday ) 

to benefit “Saddles of Joy”. Go there and support a good cause. Next Sat. 1/18/20:

The 18th. is the "Fire Group Run” in El Centro, Ca. We will meet at Love's on Gila Ridge Road at 7:45am for safety briefing. KSU at 8:00am.  Also next Sat. 1/18/20: Jan.18th. is "Bike Night" at Bobby’s H-D Shop 6:00 - 8:00pm, which also begins the "Winter Round Up". We have approximately 200 out of town HOGS coming in to town for that Event. We will start setting up around 4:00pm. We will need Volunteers to help serving food, etc. The CMA's will have the blessing of the bikes also.  For the "Winter Round Up", we will needs some Road Captains to lead some rides on Sunday ( 1/19/20 ). If you would like to help, contact Jerome ASAP at , . Sat. 2/22/20:  On Feb. 22nd. We will meet at Bobby’s H-D at 12:30pm. for the Check presentation to the "Child Burn Survivors”. KSU at 1:00pm.  Details might change so look for it Director: Reynold W Jerome Ill Yuma Az. HOG Chapter #0104 "Hogs Ride More Miles”

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